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Everything about Akoya Pearls

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about pearls, is an asymmetrically round-shaped white pearl. It's not a figment of our imagination but an Akoya pearl that resembles a moon with its flawless beauty. Yes, those do exist in our world. Produce in the farms of Japan, China, and Vietnam, these pearls are now rarely found in the market. They are considered luxury pearls and are now found in jewelry shows and auctions for collectors. Their round shape and distinct color along with such rare quality of a pearl are a must-have for all these jewelry enthusiasts.

It's time that we let you know all about these cultured saltwater pearls that have such hype in the fashion industry. This way you'll exactly what you want when you hit the market for such jewelry.

Where do they come from?

Japan is still widely known as the most frequent producer of Akoya pearls. Then comes China and Vietnam for their contribution to the pearl industry. In Japan, the pearls are extracted from pearl farms where they’re later on furnished to be made into market-worthy precious jewelry appropriate for several occasions. The extremely low temperature of the Pacific helps in the growth of such gems. It’s the only way the Akoya oyster manages to form that “mirror-like” luster in the pearls. The coldness delays the metabolism of the oyster, resulting in the secretion of nacre around the bead of the nucleus. They form concentrated layers that are tightly packed. The tightness of these layers determines the luster later on seen over the reflection of these pearls.

China used to be one of the most highly producing pearl centers from all around the world. They focused more on smaller pearls from sizes of about 4 to 7 mm which were very much popular in the market. However, in 2007 due to some severe environmental disasters, Mother Nature wiped out all high pearl-producing farms from the country leaving very few behind. Now, extremely few Akoya pearls are harvested from China to be sold in the main industry.

Vietnam is another country that produces smaller-sized Akoya pearls. There’s saltwater that extracts Akoya pearls of an impressively wide range of colors like blue, grey, gold, and green. Vietnam Koya pearls are highly famous for their generous acre and amazing glow. These pearls are rarely found in the market and are only possessed by collectors at pearl shows and auctions in Hong Kong.


Akoya vs freshwater pearls

Your take on both the pearls depends on your preference alone, but if we look closely certain differences divide the two.

Freshwater pearls are a little rough and oval-shaped. It has a very soft, satiny luster that is only visible when light is reflected upon the edges of it. Their blemishes aren’t all that subtle with raised ridges and streak-like scars roughly lined over the pearls but can still only be noticed at close inspection.

Akoya Pearls are famous for their perfectly round shape They have a luster that you would call very “in-your-face”. It’s sharp and prominent with bright reflection. Their scars are white-chalk-like and flat, which would be hard to find in passing.

Both pearls are easily available in white shades with rare colors in rose, silver, and cream. Fresh pearls lay heavily towards silver and cream overtones while Akoya pearls are more towards silver and rose. However, Aoya pearls are considered to be “luxury pearls” hence, are more expensive than freshwater pearls.

Akoya Pearls’ Buying Guide:

Popular for their round symmetrical shape and white body color, Akoya pearls are one of the luxury pearls manufactured in the market. They originate from Japan, China Vietnam and have been thriving in the jewelry industry for decades now. Before you step foot in a market to get yourself one of these pearls, you should know what sets them apart from the others. Fortunately below there are clear differences and features that will clue you in on how to find the best Akoya pearl jewelry:

Size: There’s a particular size range that these pearls come in, large sizes may seem superior but matched ones always take the cake. Akoya Pearls come in sizes ranging from 3.0 to 9.5 mm and are selected according to size rather than the weight of the pearls to ensure their value.

Colors: Choosing the colors depends on your preference, however; Akoya pearls are popular for their uniquely white shades. The rose, silver, and cream overtones form a matchless combination that is rarely found in any other pearl. Therefore, we recommend their white shades more.

Shape: Akoya pearls are high in demand for their detailed round shape that sets them apart from others. They’re great for those timeless pearl strands as well.

Luster: Now this is another feature that gravitates the buyers towards this very kind of pearls. You’ll be stunned into silence once you see the true beauty that is signified through this luster. The glow emitted when light reflects through it is one of the major ways you can detect a pearl to be Akoya or not. It’s a mirror-like reflection that even makes your face visible through its very surface.

Clasps and strings: When searching for Akoya pearl jewelry, make sure that the silk strings go exactly with the color of the pearls so they don’t put your attention away from them. Examine the knots and check whether they’re as strong and sturdy as they seem.

Final Words:

The shopping part would be utterly easy now that you know everything about Akoya pearls. Now your collection of pearls can be even more fascinating and vast when you see these beauties. Once you get a taste of these precious gems, you'll be addicted to their look which is quite bad for your wallet as they come with a hefty price tag. However, the value and quality speak for themselves as it displays charms and glows scarcely found in other kinds of pearls.


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