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Freshwater Pearls

As precious as cultured pearls normally are, nothing beats the rare beauty of freshwater pearls. Produced in lakes and smaller rivers, they grow with imperfections that make them perfect all on their own. All the rough edges and scars when combined with the incredible sheen make them all the more unique. All jewelry designers along with pearl connoisseurs have been going gaga over them. Due to this alone, they have a huge demand in the market and have been what anyone would call, the ultimate royalty. Our article entails everything you would want to know about freshwater pearls so keep reading and enjoy knowing about your favorite kind of pearls.

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Akoya Pearls

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about pearls, is an asymmetrically round-shaped white pearl. It's not a figment of our imagination but an Akoya pearl that resembles a moon with its flawless beauty. Yes, those do exist in our world. Produce in the farms of Japan, China, and Vietnam, these pearls are now rarely found in the market. They are considered luxury pearls and are now found in jewelry shows and auctions for collectors. Their round shape and distinct color along with such rare quality of a pearl are a must-have for all these jewelry enthusiasts.

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Tahitian Pearls

The naturally occurring black pearls, also known as Tahitian pearls, are Exotic and dark pearls that look amazing. People with a peculiar interest in pearls have been wowed by their existence.

With many different shapes and sizes, these pearls have a different shade of color, making them more or less valuable. However, these Tahitian pearls are famous among people because of their naturally occurring stunning colors. With shimmer and rainbow undertones, this type is beautiful.

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Golden South Sea Pearls

Known most commonly as Golden South Sea pearls, these alluring white rarities come from the largest pearl-producing oysters in the world. The Golden South Sea pearls are used in the making of exclusive jewelry for classy women that admire a warmer hue when it comes to pearl jewelry. They hold the most value over all the other types of pearls on the market. These gorgeous pearls are quite rare, as it can take about 2-4 years for the pearls to form completely. The preciousness of the pearl depends on its color. The deepest golden pearl is the most valuable in the market, mostly referred to as the 24 karats of Golden South Sea Pearls.

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White South Sea Pearl

Being one of the rarest varieties of pearls, these uniue and beautiful pearls are highly sought after. It can sometimes take several years to grow a Pinctada Maxima big enough to harvest. Also, because of their high demand, it is quite common for South Sea Pearls to sell for thousands of dollars per gram. The White South Sea Pearl has always been more valuable than the Gold South Sea Pearl, except for in some cases.

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