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Known most commonly as Golden South Sea pearls, these alluring white rarities come from the largest pearl-producing oysters in the world. The Golden South Sea pearls are used in the making of exclusive jewelry for classy women that admire a warmer hue when it comes to pearl jewelry. They hold the most value over all the other types of pearls on the market. These gorgeous pearls are quite rare, as it can take about 2-4 years for the pearls to form completely. The preciousness of the pearl depends on its color. The deepest golden pearl is the most valuable in the market, mostly referred to as the 24 karats of Golden South Sea Pearls.


#1 What Are Golden South Sea Pearls?

Golden South Sea Pearls are originally cultivated from the “goldlip” variety from a general South Sea Pearl oyster, Pinctada Maxima. These pearls are mainly loved for their near perfect shape, lustrous texture and the fact that they are very larger compared to other pearls. The most beautiful thing about these pearls is their mesmerizing, rich, golden hue which almost looks unreal. However, the color of these pearls is completely natural, as it is made of spun gold.

All these facts make these pearls rare and coveted exceptionally. These pearls add a distinctive charm to your jewelry and give you the elegant glam every classy woman desires. The beautiful and warm toned pearly bracelets, necklaces, and earrings can be the perfect addition to your heirloom jewelry collection.


#2 Where Do Golden South Sea Pearls Come From?

These pearls are mainly extracted from the Celebes Sea between Indonesia and the Philippines from the ‘gold lip’ oyster which has medium size. The formation of this precious pearl takes place when the oyster, Pinctada Maxima, secretes the epithelial cells and these cells then help to form the nacre of the pearl, which forms the Golden South Sea Pearls.

One of the best Golden South Sea Pearls, prized for their breathtaking and amazing golden hue, smoothness, and size, is from Assael. The Palawan province in the southern Philippines is one of and undeveloped as well as pristine  sections globally, though we get the top quality of pearls from the district. The oyster, Pinctada Maxima, also thrives off The Kimberley coast, while only South Sea Pearl of Australia are much larger.


#3 What Colors, Shapes, And Sizes Do Golden South Sea Pearls Come In?

The Golden South Sea Pearls come in different shades from rose gold to pale, intense gold and green gold. All these variations of hues occur naturally, yet each hue never fails to amaze the eye as all of them are breathtaking. The other hues that often vary are referred to as champagne and yellow. While each color is distinctive and elegant in its way, the most valuable and beloved shade of the sea pearls is gold. The color range of the pearls from the gold-lip South Sea oyster varies from a deep golden hue to the beautiful shade of creamy white.

In contrast, the Australian South Sea Pearls vary in mesmerizing colors, including white silver to pink white and, lastly, a lovely pure white. The oyster that produces the pearls often constructs the cultured pearls in much larger sizes and of exclusive quality. The extremely large pearls are quite rare today, but the approximate size of the pearls measures up to 20-21mm. These pearls have an incredibly smooth texture and exceptional luster. Australian South Sea Pearls are well known for the smoothest complexions and stunning colors. To determine the highest quality pearl, check the reflection of its surface and go for the pearl with a higher luster.


#4 How Much Do Golden South Sea Pearls Cost?

The cost of Golden South Sea Pearls varies according to their qualities. The Aquality pearls represent 50% of the harvest, but they are low quality, and their cost is lower. Meanwhile, the highest quality of the pearls, AAAA quality, represents only 5% of the harvest and is very costly, as they’re extremely rare and flawless.

The average quality pearls fall into the categories of AA and AAA, and their costs depend upon their qualities. It is known that large sized deep golden South Sea Pearls constructed into a strand can cost up to$100,000. In comparison, stud earrings made with these pearls are priced around $910 to $697.


#5 How Can I Style Golden South Sea Pearls?

The South Sea Pearls can be paired with any gemstone or metal as it will simply increase the elegance of the jewelry piece. These pearls are mostly paired with diamonds, as the combination of this blinding gem and the most precious pearl makes an exclusive, breathtaking piece of jewelry that no woman will ever reject. The jewelry made with these pearls is often set in white gold or pure yellow gold, as it stunningly complements the hues of the pearl.

To add a bit of subtleness to any outfit, a pair of pearly studs can work perfectly. If you’re not into earrings, a precious pendant will work perfectly as a cherry on top for any event. Pearl jewelry is an excellent addition to your collection, with different varieties of colors to choose from that bring a subtle touch of class and elegance to your accessories. Pearls can be worn at any event to achieve a classy look and add sophistication to any outfit. They never go out of style.


Now that you know all about the precious South Sea Pearls, you can start shopping for the best quality pearls, designed according to your preference, and achieve that bold, subtle look by upgrading your wardrobe with a decent set of pearls. For any woman that loves classy and sophisticated jewelry, Golden South Sea pearls would be the perfect pick. These pearls are one of the most special and distinctive types of pearls worldwide and getting them from a trustworthy source is the most important thing. Therefore, you should look through all the reliable sources before making your purchase to own the most beautiful pearl in the world.


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